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When is Septic tank pumping required?

Septic tank pumping is required to prevent overload and ensure that it continues to work reliably.  If the septic tank is not pumped and smudge is allowed to accumulate over time then it can result in the backflow of sewerage into the house causing severe damage to the house’ drainage system.

It’s important that you understand the working of a septic tank and realize why its pumping is important.

Septic tanks are made to collect the home waste compromising both solids and water and store the solids to turn into biodegradable form and let the water pass for further treatment.

There are 3 main components in septic tank process:

  1. Scum: Scum that compromises of oil and grease or anything lighter than water that floats and form layer on top of the tank. And when the thickness of scum increases from the top and reaches with the 3 inches of the bottom, it becomes necessary that the septic tank is pumped.
  2. Sludge: Sludge is the heavy solids that settle down to the base of top due to their higher density. The sludge goes into continuous breakdown as bacteria consume the organic materials in the sludge and resulting in the release of gases.
  3. Effluent: The water collected between the scum at the top and sludge at the bottom is called Effluent. This effluent is made to leave the septic tank via pipes into drain fields.

Septic tank maintenance is very essential and the best part is that it not expensive but needs to be done once every 3 years. It also depends on how many people live in the house as it decides the wastewater generation and volume of solids that flow into the tank. For example, if only 2 persons live the house then 5 years is the right frequency for septic tank pumping.

To ensure that service providers are called at the right times, the homeowner should maintain a service log to keep track.

So, if you have had your pumping done long ago then it is the right time to call a team of experts from Allseptictankservices for grayson septic tanks and braselton septic tanks

Signals that its time to get the septic tank pumped.

  1. Interval: The most important reason to call the septic tank pumping experts is the time period to get it done has arrived. For a family of 4 members, service every 3 years is recommended by professionals. If you are in doubt, call the professional and he would advise you as per your wastewater generation and family size.
  2. Slowed flushing system: If you have recently noticed that bathtubs, washing machines, toilets’ draining systems are not draining water as fast as they used to then it is a good signal that your time for pumping has come.
  3. Bad Smell: While entering the bathroom, if you have been noticing bad smells then it can be because of overfilled gases inside the tank trying to escape via your house sewerage pipes.

How to know if your house has a septic tank:

If you are not sure that your house has a septic tank or not then look for the following signs:

  1. Your water bills show a $0 sewerage amount charged.
  2. Most houses in your neighborhood have one.
  3. You use well water.
  4. There is a manhole cover around your yard.

If you are still not sure you can either see the home drawing or consult a septic tank pumping service provider.

Benefits of Septic tank pumping :

  1. Low maintenance cost compared to Repair costs:
    A regular septic tank pumping procedure costs between $300-$500 and that too is required once in 3 years. If pumping is not done on time then it causes damage to the system, then repairs or replacing the septic would cost $3500-$7000. So, it better to keep track of septic services and get them done on time.
  1. Prevents Groundwater contamination:
    A properly working septic tank would get rid of bacteria, viruses, or other pollutants. And if the system breaks down, there are high chances that these disease-causing pollutants would reach the groundwater or nearby water surfaces spreading diseases among the residents.
  1. Property value:
    A well-maintained septic tank reflects into the property value cost and would prevent any legal liability if sold to a new family.