How to prepare your home for Septic Tank installation?

A Septic Tank installation is a vital move to maintain an efficient waste disposal system at your home or office. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. No matter what kind of property it is, you will need a professional designer to handle the installation and designing of the system.

The all Septic tank understand that all septic systems are different and need a custom conventional design to operate properly.

To prepare your home for septic tank installation, you need to follow this six-step process.

Prepare your home for septic tank installation

  • Fulfill legal requirements

The Public Health Department has a certain set of regulations to govern the use of septic tanks within the state. Apart from that, many local agencies have their own set of restrictions.

The owner has to understand the whole process and specifications of the system and take responsibility for septic pumping. It is essential to fetch a permit for the process before you commence it.

  • Choose a contractor

As discussed earlier, you will need professional help to start with your choice of excavation. The installation experts will get your septic tank up and running.

Look for a contractor with a good reputation. Ask for a quote and check all the necessary licensing and insurance required for the task.

  • Get your soil tested

Before you get started with the excavation, you need to check if the soil of your property can support the septic tank and drain field. For this, you need to get the quality of the soil tested. It is important to understand that the septic system relies on the soil to filter your wastewater.

Your natural ground has to meet the requirement to work properly otherwise you will have to amend it or find an alternative.

  • Remove your old soil

You need to check if there is a pre-existing septic tank in the soil. Check if there are any old pipes and fittings and remove them from your way.

Ideally, this is the first thing that should be checked in advance of any new installation. Knowing your problems in advance can help you reach the solution easily.

  •   Be ready to turn the water off

Once you have started with the process of septic tank installation, make sure to turn the water off. It is essential to keep the water off during the ongoing process because you might need to stay off for a while afterward.

However, make sure to keep a stock of drinking water before setting up the process. Also, keep a plan for showers and toilet use.

  • Let your neighbors know

A septic tank installation is a big move. It involves big vehicles, large equipment and takes up large space. Thus, the layout of the project should be arranged beforehand and the neighbors should be pre-informed about the exercise.

The professional team will guide you around and answer all your queries. The proper knowledge of system maintenance will help you avoid costly damage.

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