Septic Tank Inspection

A septic tank inspection is a must if you planning to buy a new home. Because of the septic tank is not serviced for a while and if it overflows in the coming months, then the cost of repair or replacement can be too high.

As you must be aware the septic ensures the house waste gets segregated into wastewater and solid so that the next biological degradation process of solid can be initiated from scum, sludge, and effluent. These septic tanks need to regularly pump for them to function properly and the recommended frequency of pumping is 3 to 5 years for house used by 4. Again, more factors like tank size, the family also affect this time period.

Our company, All Septic Tank Services,  helps both residents and Real estate companies in septic tank inspections. We have long relations with realtors as they are aware of the expertise and affordable costs of inspections we charge. Customer satisfaction is our primary aim and we use the latest technology in our septic tank inspections.

Our trained professional will come to the location and perform the following::

  1. Determine the location of the Septic tank.
  2. Look for sewerage overflows or odors in the house and outside.
  3. Determine the thickness of sludge and the scum.
  4. Use state of the art technological equipment to locate lost tanks.
  5. Amount of wastewater and sewerage inside the tank.

After taking all the above factors into consideration, our septic tank inspector would advise the need to have septic tank pumping or not.

Contact our office today for septic tank inspections and get our knowledgeable technician to answer your queries, visit the site, and do the inspection.

While Septic tank inspection is being done, the following precautions are advised for the homeowners:

  1. Don’t let any untrained professional go closer the septic tank
  2. Don’t ignite anything like a match or even a cigarette as highly combustible gases are there in the tank.
  3. Don’t lean over the septic tank when its lid is opened.
  4. While septic tank inspection is being done, adequate boundaries and markings need to be done to keep children and other individuals always.

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