When is the right time to pump the septic tank?

Having a septic tank is a wonderful feeling but pumping and maintaining it at the right time is equally hectic. However, looking at its importance one cannot simply ignore the maintenance part. The system needs to be pumped at regular intervals to work properly.

Ideally, you will need to call for all septic tank services company professional help to pump and clean the very own onsite sewage treatment facility. In this article, you will read about the frequency and the right time to pump your septic tank.

Telling Signs it’s time to pump

There is n number of signs that indicate the requirement for pumping and cleaning the septic tank. You just need to look out for them regularly.

Some of the most common telling signs are:

  • Time between services

A residential septic tank needs to be serviced every 3 to 5 years. Keep a track of when you got the septic system cleaned last time and fix an appointment with the technician accordingly. Keep a record of the maintenance system.

  • Pooling water

If there is random water pooling in your backyard or you have noticed lush green grass just around the opening of the tank then there is leakage for sure. Identify the leaking spot and get it closed as soon as possible.

  • Bad odor

Offensive odors coming from the drainage system are the biggest telling signs of how early it needs pumping. It indicates that the system is close to being full and can fill your yard anytime soon.

  • Slow drainage

Slow drainage indicates that your tank is about to achieve its capacity and quick action is required.

Septic Tank Pumping frequency

Usually, the septic tank pumping frequency varies from household to household. Depending on various factors, it should be between three to five years. The major factor is the average waste and wastewater produced in your home. It further depends upon the size of the house, the number of people living there, the size of the septic tank, and the type of cleaners, chemicals, or soaps you use.

The best and worst times of year to pump

As we know, the individual septic tanks work differently from the public sewage systems of the city. Water flushed down doesn’t go anywhere far. It holds onto the waste until the septic tank is pumped or cleaned. Scheduling the pumping is solely the owner’s responsibility.

You might be surprised to know but there are the best and worst times to clean the septic tank. Spring and summer are the best because at this interval tanks can be pumped without the risk of being flooded from heavy rains. Warmer durations make the process easier for the technicians.

On the contrary, the process should be avoided during winters. The usually frozen and hard ground makes it hard for technicians to dig till the end. And, if it snows in your area the process will become nearly impossible.

However, if the tank is nearing its capacity, it should be pumped immediately no matter which season it is.

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